EZRSS.IT – A Better Way to Feed TV Shows to Your WDTV

ezrss-logoNot too long ago I did a tutorial on How To Setup Bittorrent to Automatically Download Your Favorite TV Shows & Share Them With Your WDTV. In that tutorial I used the popular torrent site KickAssTorrents.com to create a filtered RSS feed for a TV show that you could use with uTorrent. However, filtering your search results on KickAssTorrents can be a bit of a pain.

At the time, I wanted to use EZRSS.IT for the tutorial instead, but the website had been down for an extended period of time. The website is now back up and I wanted to write a quick post to “append” to the original tutorial as a better solution for content downloading. So here is how it works…

1. Go To http://EZRSS.IT

2. Type in the name of the show you want and click “search” (I will use the example of “Sanctuary” again)

3. You can then further filter the results using the next set of search boxes that come up if you want.

4. Once you get a list of episodes that looks complete (there may be duplicate episodes but remember that uTorrent can filter those out) click “Search-based RSS Feed”


5. Copy the webpage URL Address from your browsers address bar.

6. Open up uTorrent

7. Left click on “Feeds” in the left hand pane and then click on the “Add RSS Feed” button from the banner menu up top.


8. Set your Feed Up using settings similar to the ones shown below and using the webpage URL in the Feed URL box.


9. Click the “OK” button and you are good to go!
Enjoy and remember to download responsibly!

A Brief Reminder: You should have a Windows Share that your WDTV can access. You should have a folder inside that share called something like “New Content.” Your default download location in uTorrent should be set to that “New Content” folder. As soon as shows are done downloading they will be available to watch on your WDTV over the network. See the original bittorrent tutorial (linked in the first sentence of this article) for a more in depth explanation…