Q & A – What is a “wdtv.bin” file?

This is another very common question that I get asked from time to time. Very simply put, the wdtv.bin file holds firmware installation files for your WDTV. When you turn on your WDTV or plug in a thumb drive, it scans the attached drive. If the unit determines from the wdtv.ver file that it should give you the option to upgrade your firmware, it will do so from the contents of the wdtv.bin file.

Points of interest:

1. The version number reported in the wdtv.ver file and the version number of the firmware installation contained in the wdtv.bin file DO NOT need to match.

2. The version number that is installed and reported on your unit is whatever version number is in your wdtv.bin file. (I.E. the wdtv.ver has nothing to do with what version is installed)

Common Scenario:

Q. Roman, I already installed the custom firmware but my WDTV keeps giving me the option to update… why?

A. The custom firmware DID install, but it is a lower version number than what is reported in your wdtv.ver file. You need to edit the wdtv.ver file to show a version number either the same as or lower than the custom firmware… once it has been installed.

So… what are the basics of flashing firmware then? You get a .bin file and put it on the root of your flash drive. You edit the wdtv.ver file (also on the root of the same drive) to report a higher version number than what is currently installed. When the drive with the files is plugged in, the WDTV will give you the option to upgrade and if you go through the upgrade process it will install whatever version of firmware that is in your wdtv.bin file.