Q & A – What is a “wdtv.ver” file?

I get this question asked a lot so I figured I would make a quick post about it.The simplest analogy I can give is to think of the wdtv.ver file as an “on” switch.

When you turn on your WDTV is scans all of the USB Hard drives and/or thumb drives that are plugged in.

If your unit is already on, and you plug in a usb drive, it will also scan the drive then.

If, during either of the two above events, it encounters the file “wdtv.ver,” it reads the file and based on what is inside the file it will either prompt you to “upgrade your firmware” or not. Or, following the analogy, it will either “turn on” the upgrade function or it won’t.

The file itself is very simple. It contains a firmware version number. If the version number in the wdtv.ver file is newer than the installed firmware, it will prompt you to update.

The WDTV.ver file DOES NOT have any effect on the firmware that you are installing.

For all intents and purposes it is a simple text file that affects nothing other than whether or not your WDTV gives you the option to update your firmware.

I hope that helps answer some questions for some folks. Feel free to comment and ask questions. I will do my best to answer 🙂

I will do a short post on the “wdtv.bin” file later on…