Install Movie Sheets and Thumbnails on WDTV


THIS IS PART 2! If you haven’t already gone through my first tutorial on how to install custom firmware on your WDTV you must do so now. This will not work with the stock firmware! You must be running modded firmware. That video can be found here: How to Install Custom Firmware on Your WDTV


Also, like my first video I have put together a packaged zip file that includes all of the files and software necessary for this tutorial. These programs and files are all freely available elsewhere but what I have put together is organized and complete. I will be referencing this throughout the tutorial and I recommend that you get it now from here:

Download ->   WDTV Movie Sheets Software Pack


OK, assuming you are running Custom firmware (either ext3-boot or B-Rad’s WDLXTV) what we are going to do today is change our OSD (on screen display) to something cool and add folder images and movie sheets (information about the movie or tv show that is displayed when you open it) to our collection. This is a 4 step process.

What you will need (other than what I have already mentioned):

1. A hard drive with media files on it. (from here on will be referenced as “media drive”)

2. Your 2GB or larger USB thumb drive that we used in our first tutorial with everything from that tutorial still loaded on it and intact.

3. The aforementioned software/file zip package. As I already noted the direct link for this is in the video description.


STEP 1: Copy the necessary app bins to your USB thumb drive. These are found in the “Step 1” folder. Then plug it into your WDTV to make sure it all works.

STEP 2: Arrange your videos on your media drive to work with TVIXIE

Step 3: Install TVixie (Found in the “Step 3” Folder)

STEP 4: Configure Tvixie and use it to create folder images and Data Sheets for your media. Then plug you media drive into your WDTV to make sure it all works.


Now that you have your fancy new interface installed which requires you to keep your thumb drive plugged in, some of you may be complaining, “Now I only have ONE usb port available…” Well… to that I say… there is hope! One very easy to implement feature of your custom firmware is its support for USB Hubs. I have a short, easy to read tutorial that talks about how to add one to your system so that you can plug in up to 8! total devices (well, 7 additional devices because one port is now permanently occupied).

Check it out here  -> How to Add a USB Hub to Your WDTV.